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Wire Harnesses Continued


  • Assist in developing excel spreadsheets and Auto-CAD drawings. This detailed documentation helps to streamline processes and procedures increasing overall accuracy and efficiency.

  • Recording revision changes that may happen throughout the project with necessary traceability.

  • All documentation is securely stored and backed-up on our local server.

  • We have a diverse inventory of sleeving solutions; split-loom, corragated tubing, braided sleeve, shrink tube, reflective heat tape, etc., etc.

  • Access to an extensive vendor network to help us find the specific components you need or locate an alternative that provide a more timely and cost effective solution.

  • Our long-running relationships with our vendors grants us access to savings that we can pass on to the customer.

  • Assistance in designing a layout.

  • Manufacturing Harness Boards for production and testing.

  • We have a robust testing system to ensure the reliability of every harness.

  • Traceability via bar-codes and and stored test results.

  • Our products are manufactured using the practices and techniques accepted by IPC/WHMA standards.

Wire Harness

Wire harnesses help group together sets of wires and cables within a system that are intended to serve different purposes. Necessary signal, data, and power circuits that control complex  systems are integrated into a wire harness.  Some of the main benefits include –

  • Reduced installation time

  • Reduced risk of incorrect wiring possibilities.

  • Reduced risk of shorting – The wire harnesses combine multiple wires into non-flexible bundles, thus minimizing the risk of shorts in electrical circuits.

  • Great performance in harsh conditions – Particularly automotive wiring harnesses are made from durable materials. They are designed in a way that they can perform extremely well under harsh conditions and can also carry heavy power loads.

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